Burnout-Proof Your Business

How to journal your way out of burnout and get your entrepreneurial spark back - without throwing money at courses you don’t need, or putting your business on pause.


Do you ever look at your business and wonder what happened to all that freedom you were searching for in the beginning?

You started out excited about all the potential and possibility that becoming your own boss could bring into your life. But somewhere along the way, you got caught up in the hustle, and found yourself building something that feels so far off from the vision you had in the first place.

You’re taking action, showing up, doing the work to grow your business, and honestly… you’re exhausted.

Maybe right now you’re:

And if that wasn’t hard enough, your list of ideas and new projects you’d love to do in your business just keeps getting longer, but you can never find the time for them. (Or more honestly, you’re slightly terrified to actually step into bringing those big ideas to life – even if you could find the time.)

Deep down you know you’re meant for more than the way you’re showing up and the things that are taking all your energy right now.

We learned the hard way what it takes to recover from burnout and rebuild our businesses from the ground up. Now we’re sharing what we’ve learned during this free live workshop to help you get out of burnout and get your entrepreneurial spark back – without throwing money at courses you don’t need, or putting your business on pause. 

Here's what to expect during this free workshop for entrepreneurs:

You’ll learn how to avoid burnout and set yourself up for long-term business success by using the power of journaling to build self trust and confidence.

We’ll walk you through a journaling exercise that we’ll do together live during the workshop, to help you get excited and inspired about your business again. 

And you’ll walk away with more energy than you started with, and crystal clarity on your next steps for getting back to the freedom filled business you set out to create in the first place.

Meet The Hosts

Hi, We're Elli and Ginny

We’re the creators of the CEO Journal Club, and we’re on a mission to prevent entrepreneurial burnout. 

After 15+ years of putting all our focus on growing our businesses and serving our clients, we completely lost sight of who we were, what we truly needed from our businesses, and the inspiration that we had in the beginning.

Before coming together to co-found Supported CEO, we independently decided that we were no longer willing to sacrifice our well-being for the sake of our businesses, and made the difficult decisions to hit pause.

We shut everything down, started jobs inside other businesses, and took the time we needed to heal from burnout and re-build our self-trust and confidence before coming back to entrepreneurship.

Now, in this free live workshop, we’re sharing what we’ve learned as we journaled our way out of burnout, so you can get back to the freedom-filled life and business you set out to create in the first place – without having to hit pause like we did.

We’re getting honest about what it really looks like to recover from burnout, and make sure it never happens again.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the exact process for journaling your way out of burnout and getting your entrepreneurial spark back!