Get back to the freedom-filled life and business you set out to create in the first place - one journal entry at a time.

When was the last time you felt truly inspired in your business?

We’re not talking about those fleeting moments of excitement about a new idea that quickly fizzles into doubt and uncertainty before you start taking real action. 

Or the moments of gratitude when you think about the impact of your business, and the undeniable perks that come along with entrepreneurship. (Hello flexible schedule, and working how you want to without answering to a boss.)

We’re talking about real inspiration…
The inspiration that comes from deep within, when a business idea comes with a delicious burst of creative energy that you simply can’t ignore. 

When you’re taking action toward a project in your business that you’re truly excited to bring to life (and put in the work to create). 

And when those moments of gratitude for your business feel genuinely warm and fuzzy as you reflect in awe at how much you love what you’ve built. (Without being tainted with thoughts that you “should be grateful” even when business feels really freaking hard).

Instead of feeling inspired and motivated in your business, you might find yourself…

What happened to that fire you felt for your business in the beginning?


This is the part where most marketers will present the strategy they teach as the secret you’ve been missing.

They’ll promise they have the solution that will solve all your problems and create the magical results you’ve been dreaming of.

But you’ve been around the block enough times to know those promises rarely pan out the way you hoped. – Even when they’re coming from well-intentioned coaches who believe in their offers. 

We’re not here to promise that we have all the answers. 

You wouldn’t really want our answers anyways. 

You’re an entrepreneur who’s always carved your own path and done things your own way.

Even if you’ve lost your spark lately, deep down that bold and rebellious entrepreneurial spirit is still in there.

You started your business with a vision that was unique to you. Whether it was about the impact it could have for you and your loved ones, or the impact you could create through your service to your clients – you knew where you were going, and you found the path forward within yourself.

But somewhere along the way, when things got hard or didn’t work out the way you hoped, (as we’ve ALL experienced in entrepreneurship), you slowly lost trust that you could figure it out, and started looking to others for answers. 

That spark that used to drive you forward and push you to take bold and exciting action to build the life and business you imagined started to fizzle. But there’s a way to get it back. 

We can’t give you the answers, but we can guide you and support you as you find the answers within yourself - one journal entry at a time.

The CEO Journal club is a monthly membership to help you build self-trust and get your entrepreneurial spark back in 10 minute increments of journaling that you can do wherever it fits into your busy schedule.

It’s time to get back in the driver’s seat of your life and business, and it starts inside the CEO Journal Club.

Lock in your founding member rate of $16/month for the lifetime of your membership when you join today! 

As a member of the CEO Journal Club...

You’ll uncover the answers that are already inside you through weekly journal prompts, guidance, and encouragement to help you build-self trust, prevent burnout, and get your entrepreneurial spark back.

Here's what you'll find inside:

Weekly Journal Prompts – to help you build self-trust and confidence. Each week you’ll get a new set of journal prompts to help you get to know yourself, prioritize yourself, and build self-trust and confidence as an entrepreneur. 

Weekly Audio Lessons – to go along with the weekly prompts. These short 10-ish minute weekly audio lessons provide inspiration, encouragement, and guidance as you use the prompts throughout the week. 

Private Podcast Feed – get the audio lessons and prompts delivered straight to your favorite podcast app. No need to log in to find your journal prompts and lessons each week. You can have it all automatically show up in your podcast app, with a copy of the journal prompts in the show notes, so you can find everything you need right there. 

2x / Month Co-Journaling Sessions – to help you carve out time for journaling with other entrepreneurs. Twice each month we’ll get together on Zoom for some dedicated journaling time to make it easy for you to prioritize journaling on a regular basis. These journaling sessions will typically happen on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 10am EST. 

BONUS: Journal Prompt Packs – available instantly after you join so you can get started with journaling on specific areas right away. 

Join today for just $16/month and lock in your Founding Member rate! 

Lock in your Founding Member rate of just $16/month, and get access to all future updates.

The CEO Journal Club is brand new, and as we grow, we’ll add in additional features and we’ll have to increase the price. But when you join us as a Founding Member, you’re locking in your Founding Member rate for the lifetime of your membership. You’ll get access to all future updates, but your monthly rate will never increase for as long as you stay in the club. 


Check out what's coming soon!

CEO Journal Club Community – Connect with other entrepreneurs who are getting back in the driver’s seat of their life and business, share what comes up for you during your journaling sessions, and find inspiration and encouragement as you build self-trust and confidence in our private community for Journal Club Members. – The community will open once we reach 50 members. 

Weekly Co-Journaling Sessions – We’ll also be adding in additional co-journaling sessions so you can start off your week journaling with other entrepreneurs every single week!

Additional Prompt Packs + Trainings – We’ll be adding new prompt packs and trainings to the CEO Journal Club as we grow, and you’ll get access to all of it as soon as it’s released. Plus, as a founding member, you can co-create the CEO Journal Club content with us, by giving input on the topics and prompts that would be most helpful for you! 

Join today for just $16/month! You’ll get access to all future updates included in your Founding Member rate for the lifetime of your membership.

It’s time to build your self-trust and confidence, and finally create the freedom-filled life and business you’ve always dreamed of - in your way, on your terms.

Hey, We're Elli and Ginny

We’re two former marketers turned alignment coaches and we know first hand what it’s like to lose self-trust, burnout, and have to rebuild both our confidence and our businesses from the ground up. 

After 15+ years of putting all our focus on growing our businesses and serving our clients, we completely lost sight of who we were, what we truly needed from our businesses, and the inspiration that we had in the beginning. We found ourselves quickly heading down the path to burnout. 

Before coming together to co-found Supported CEO and create the CEO Journal Club, we independently decided that we were no longer willing to sacrifice our well-being for the sake of our businesses, and made the difficult decisions to hit pause.

We shut everything down, started jobs inside other businesses, and took the time we needed to heal from burnout and re-build our self-trust and confidence before coming back to entrepreneurship. 

We’re now on a mission to share what we’ve learned and help entrepreneurs like you prevent burnout, and thrive in life and business, without having to hit pause like we did.

Journaling was a crucial part of our burnout recovery journeys.

It’s how we were able to come back home to ourselves after losing ourselves in entrepreneurship. 

It’s how we built an unshakeable foundation of self-trust and confidence that we can handle whatever gets thrown our way in life or business.

And now that we’re on the other side, it’s why entrepreneurship has never felt more fun, free, and inspiring. 

We can’t wait for you to experience what it’s like on the other side too. 

It all starts inside the CEO Journal Club. 

Here's a recap of everything you'll get for just $16/month:

The value of everything you’re getting inside the CEO Journal Club is easily worth over $1000...

But you’re getting it all for just $16/month, when you join today and lock in your Founding Member rate!

You’ll get access to all future updates, but your price will never go up for as long as you remain a member.


Have Questions?

We've got answers.

Absolutely! If you’re an entrepreneur running a business, whether you’re a solopreneur or you have a big team, you are the leader and decision maker in both your business and your life. Regardless of what your business currently looks like or whether you want to ever have a team or not, we want to help you to step into a CEO mindset. That means intentionally making decisions to build your life and business the way YOU want to. That’s what being a Supported CEO means to us, and that’s what we’ll show you how to do, one journal entry at a time, in the CEO Journal Club.

Yes! If you’re already a journal lover like us, the CEO Journal Club is a great way to connect with other journaling entrepreneurs, make sure you’re prioritizing your journaling practice regularly, and have access to regular prompts to support your existing practice. We welcome you to use the prompts in a way that fits what you already know works for you when it comes to journaling, and adapt them to your style as needed. You’ll also love the audio lessons that go along with the weekly prompts, and we have a feeling they’ll help to guide your existing journal practice and inspire you as you start your weeks.

Yes! The CEO Journal Club is set up to meet you exactly where you are on your journaling journey – even if you’ve never journaled before. One of the reasons we provide an audio lesson to go along with the weekly prompts, is to talk you through the questions and help get ideas flowing to make journaling easier for you. We also share examples of how you might journal on each of the prompts, so you aren’t having to start from scratch. Over time, you’ll start to get more comfortable with journaling, and find your flow of what works best for you, and you’ll be able to adapt the prompts to your style. But until then, we’ll be there to guide you step by step as you get started with journaling.

As soon as you join, you’ll get instant access to the first set of weekly journal prompts and the audio lesson to go along with it, so you can dive in and start journaling right away. Then, each week on Sunday, you’ll receive a new set of weekly journal prompts and a new audio lesson to go along with them. The two bonus prompt packs are almost ready, and you’ll get access to both of them within your first month! 

Instead of promising that the features will be added on a specific date, we’ll be adding new features as the Journal Club grows. When we reach 50 Founding Members, we’ll open the Community and add in more co-journaling sessions. And the additional prompt packs and trainings will be added over time on a regular basis, based on your input and telling us what content would be most helpful for you. 

Because not all of the features are available yet, this is exactly why we are offering our Founding Members such a low rate to start. However, if you’re excited about these additional features and want to experience them faster, be sure to tell your biz friends to join us so we can welcome in our first 50 members and kick off these features even sooner!

You will have access to all of the content for the lifetime of your membership, as long as your membership is active.

We hope you’ll love the CEO Journal Club and want to stay for a while, but you’re free to cancel your membership at any time. You’ll be able to do so easily and without question.

Due to the nature of this product, we are not able to offer refunds, however you may cancel your membership at any time.

We want to give our Founding Members a chance to check out the CEO Journal Club and experience how amazing it is at an easily accessible price. We’re also firm believers that as entrepreneurs, our answers have to come from our selves, first. While expensive programs that offer in-depth coaching definitely have a time and place, we believe that every entrepreneur should be supplementing the input they’re getting from others with a regular journaling practice to help them stay in tune with the answers that are already inside of them. 

Our mission is to prevent entrepreneurial burnout, and help as many entrepreneurs as possible thrive in life and business, before having to hit pause like we did. While we do plan to raise the price of the CEO Journal Club as we grow, we’re committed to keeping it accessible to as many entrepreneurs as possible.

You can join at any time, but you’ll be subject to our current pricing. We can’t guarantee how long the $16/month Founding Member rate will be available, but we do plan to increase the prices as we go. By joining now, you’ll be locking in the current rate for the lifetime of your membership, so we encourage you to join now so you can start building up your self-trust and journaling practice right away, while locking in the lowest rate possible! 

We’re happy to answer any other questions you may have! Just send us an email at hello@supportedceo.com or DM us on Instagram @supported_ceo.

Join the CEO Journal Club today, and start creating the freedom-filled life and business you’ve always dreamed of - one journal entry at a time.

We can’t wait to journal with you! 

Lock in your founding member rate of $16/month for the lifetime of your membership when you join today!